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The Future of Sustainability and ESG: Trends to Anticipate in 2023

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. Each facet of ESG reflects your company and how it operates. Furthermore, each area, environmental, social, and governance, has its specific angle and guidelines that determine how your compacts impact the world. 

Knowing your company’s ESG is essential because corporate sustainability trends heavily affect the investment market. ESG investing trends rely heavily on how a company runs, how it treats its employees, and how it affects the climate.  

Since each area has its own impact, companies need to reflect and see how they affect the world around them. Furthermore, paying attention to ESG is an important criterion for shareholders and potential investors. 

Recap of ESG 

The “E” in ESG stands for envrionmental. This part concerns things like carbon emissions, using natural resources, waste disposal, and sustainable materials.

“S” stands for social, and it concerns matters with people and social issues. These include employee treatment, wage compensation, labor laws, customer treatment, social rights, social justice stances, and how others connect to your brand treat their workers.

Finally, “G” stands for governance. Governance refers to how management operates, the CEO pay grade structure, shareholders, and overall compensation requirements.

Each of these areas forms an impressive trio that either pushes your company into being considered sustainable or not. By prioritizing the ESG investing trends, you can improve your chances of getting institutional investors since many prefer to invest in companies that follow ESG trends to promote a happier, healthier world.

Six ESG Industry Trends to Lookout For

As 2023 continues, it’s clear that sustainable investing is the way to go when customers, investors, and companies continue to uphold the values presented in the ESG market. To stay aware of ESG trends, consider these six guidelines.

1. Social Justice Efforts

Social justice and social movements that promote mental and physical health, well-being, and promotion of acceptance are one of the top ESG trends for 2023. This year, you can expect a significant rise in consumers demanding companies that stand for human rights and diversity. 

We can see this in recognizing racial injustices, LGTBQIA2S+, proper care for expecting mothers, and diversity inclusion. Speaking up for these causes is a key factor that will either promote or deter your company.

2. Attention to Ceasing Climate Change 

The second ESG trend companies need to prioritize is mitigating climate change. Consumers and investors are looking for companies that recognize climate change as a visible threat. Environmental concerns remain important.

This year you can expect companies to reduce their carbon emissions significantly. Companies also mitigate climate change by using sustainable fabrics and renewable resources for buildings, storefronts, and warehouses. 

These shifts are ways that companies can commit to closing the gap on climate change and further prove to investors they’re in the industry for the long haul.

3. Labor Laws

Consumers have increasingly sought out the conditions in which one works for a company. To stay current, companies must prioritize their workers beyond the bare minimum. After all, most consumers want to avoid buying products from companies with poor labor laws that put their employees at risk for hazardous conditions. 

4. Investment Process Will Reflect ESG Trends

ESG challenges the consumer base; investors are looking for companies that remain sustainable investments by considering each facet of ESG. This trend is called impact investing. To put it simply, ESG investing trends show investors choose companies that positively impact the world and offer a combination of financial gain and ESG factors. 

5. Full Company Transparency

Consumers and investors want to know more than ever before. On-trend for 2023 is transparency with product ingredients, how your company runs, working conditions, and providing emissions information. 

Providing this transparency shows that there is nothing to hide within your practices and allows investors to get a complete view of your work.

6. Eliminate Waste

Sustainability is the forefront principle of ESG. One way 2023 trends are promoting this is by eliminating unnecessary waste. With this model, companies will take an approach that cares for products from the beginning until the end of their life rather than simply selling to make a profit. 

We may see this in used sections, sale sections of excess products, donations, or using scraps of old products to create new ones. 


ESG investing trends are always changing. However, sustainability principles, energy awareness, social matters, and environmental care remain steady. 

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